Hailstorm Forecast Services

Hailstorm Forecasting Services

Hailstorm with lightning
Hailstorm with lightning

Welcome to the specialist hailstorm forecasting website. Apart from information on Paintless Dent Repairs and Removal, this website has a section on hailstorm forecasts. These hailstorm forecasts are specifically designed for ease of use aimed at those in the inudstry of hailstorm repairs.

If you feel you can benefit from advertising on this website, free advertising is provided for the first 2 months of membership. A new service is becoming available for Weather Risk Solutions.

Weather Risk Solutions is going to be an ideal platform to provide hail storm and extreme weather related solutions to clients. The emphasis will be on reducing risk to life and property in the event of extreme weather and hailstorm conditions and events.

One prime example of this occurred on the 14th April 1999. On this day, the lack of insight into the upcoming conditions despite a SE change creeping up the NSW coast provided one of the most valuable lessons in localised weather and storm forecasting. As an upper cold air system advanced towards the Sydney region, conditions became favourable for the development of thunderstorms. Unusually low level moist air from the north east fed into the system which was progressing from the south west. A hailstorm developed near Wollongong and this produced hail to the size of golf balls. Lesson number one - although the report was phoned in by a storm spotter, it was ignored and another report of much smaller hailstones were accepted. This set the scene for the unfolding disaster of mammoth proportions. The storm headed out to see but parallel to the coast. The initial spotter suggested that back building was occurring and this also was ignored.

Once the storm re-positioned over the Royal National Park, the storm with upper cold air system now coinciding with the development of new storm cell and north east air flow, the storm exploded. The now major supercell was set to the southern suburbs of Sydney. The rest is history - the most costly hailstorm disaster of all time! Suburbs were literally pummelled with hailstones to the size of grape fruits!